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マーガレット ᐧ サッチャー財団 特別研究奨励基金

The Margaret Thatcher Japan Foundation Fellowships


The Foundation has established a one year Visiting Fellowship to allow a faculty member of Akita International University in Japan to undertake research at the School of Humanities at the University of Buckingham in the UK.


インターナショナル ᐧ リーダーシップ ᐧ プログラム

International Leadership Programme


The Foundation plans to introduce programmes to equip future leaders in Japan with the necessary skills to operate in an international environment. These will be specially tailored courses, possibly lasting one year in total, and to be held in Oxford, or a similar environment in the U.K.


コラボレーション ᐧ プログラム

Collaboration Programme


Margaret Thatcher was a research chemist before entering political life, and the Foundation plans to reflect this by arranging academic or other exchanges that can lead to practical benefits for the people of both countries.

The identification of particular niche subjects, perhaps principally in scientific fields, where the grouping of people involved in these areas in both the UK and Japan can speed the scientific, manufacturing, or commercial development required to realise practical benefits, by the sharing of knowledge and experience, through the ‘Collaboration Programme’.




本財団は、日英関係に貢献のあった者を称え、2 つの賞を創設します。

The Foundation intends to establish two prizes to be awarded annually, to recognise achievements in the following fields.

マーガレット ᐧ サッチャー財団 日英友好栄誉賞
Margaret Thatcher Japan Foundation Award


The MTJF will award this to people who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of Japan/UK relations, in any field.

マーガレット ᐧ サッチャー財団 日英科学賞
Margaret Thatcher Japan Prize for Achievements in Science


Lady Thatcher read chemistry at the University of Oxford and began her working life as a chemist.  She later contributed to promoting science and technology as the Minister of Education and Science, and as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The Margaret Thatcher Japan Foundation (MTJF) will award this prize to people engaged in scientific activity that is of benefit to both Japan and to the United Kingdom.



The Foundation also plans to hold occasional seminars to address a topic of current interest to both Japan and the UK.



Other activities in accordance with the Purpose of the Foundation may be added in due course.